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.january 21, 2004.

Well, I finally got myself to update my site. Unfortunately, I didn't really update much, but I promise you guys that on the next update there will be new fics and new fanarts that will be posted.

Anyway, just updated my affiliates! I got a new affi --> Hikari. One of my favorite C/A sites by my friend Amy. Thanks Amy for affiliating with me! I'm sorry that it took me a while to update. And I'm sorry Aly for taking a while to change your URL too. Forgive me for this. *hugs*

~ Kristine

.october 14, 2003.

Hello Aerith fans! It's been a while since I last updated. It's because I've been away during the summer, and school just kept me really busy.

Updated: Aeris and Christianity
New: Etc>>Advent Children

I am in a hurry so I gotta go.

.august 25, 2003.

This will be a really small update. I have a new affiliate! It's an awesome Cloud x Aeris site 'Destiny Fulfilled'. All you A/C fans would love this site, I'm sure.

Anyways, I'm sorry I can't update much today. I'm leaving to go to Vancouver, BC for a youth camp at my church. I'm excited for it. When I get back, I'll update more. I'm sorry to those who submitted fanworks or links, but I will have those up on the next update. Thank you for understanding!

.august 6, 2003.

Nothing much new, except the layout. This new layout features Aeris from the Zack/Aeris doujinshi 'First Love' and Aeris & Cloud from Nodoka Kiyose's Future IV.

I know it's still pink, but I decided that I should have a pink-theme site for the year 2003. It will change next year, hopefully.

new sections: site>layouts, site>buttons.
updated sections: the flower girl>first love, fanworks>doujinshi, site>the webmistress

.august 4, 2003.

Hey guys!

x...sections updated---> exits, guest fics. I've put up tons of new links that I'm sure you guys would find interesting. One new fanfic by Jaicelina entitled 'Captive Legacy'. Thanks Jaicelina!

guestbook plug --- I'd like to thank Natsumi and PTM for signing the guestbook. Especially PTM. Thank you so much for your email!

Well, that is all for the updates. I don't know when the next update's gonna be. Hopefully soon!

~ Kristine

.july 26, 2003.
Hello everyone!

Yes, first of all I am still alive. I've been really busy this summer with my job and my boring personal life that I hardly had time to go on the computer.

sections updated...
* doujinshi
* my fanfic - chapter 8 up for 'when the soldier...;

I'd like to plug those people who signed my guestbook. You guys are great. Thank you so much for respecting my beliefs. I really do respect people who respect people like myself. So thanks so much!

To those people who emailed me, I am sorry if I hadn't replied. But you said a lot of nice things - I was like 'Aww!' Anyways, I don't usually like being like this. But I really appreciate it. *hugs everyone* I hope that I can still keep updating this page even during the school year.

To people waiting for Chapter 9 of "When The Soldier Meets The Flower Girl", I'm not sure exactly when it will be out. It comes out when it comes out, that's all I can say. Once I have the time, I will definitely put it up ASAP.

.may 28, 2003.
Some major update. I didn't have time to upload any new doujinshi this time, but I did post 3 new submitted fanfictions! I am so sorry but those fanfics were submitted to me 2 years ago... I am NOT months behind people, but I am actually years behind with my fanfics. I've decided that I'm not gonna be posting ALL the fics that were sent to me. I'm only gonna post the ones that are well-written and worth reading, and the ones that feature Aeris. If you want to make sure that I post your fic, I usually like fics if it involves a certain pairing that I like. *hint*hint*

I've also posted a new A/C fanfic that I wrote. You can find it on my fanfiction page. It's currently a work in progress. New romantic images on my Aeris x Cloud tribute site. You can find this little section on the "Etc" section of the site. I've also added some new images around the site to make it less boring. =)

.may 23, 2003.
The Dedications section is now up. I'll try to get everything up ASAP. Added a new rare image on the revival section (can be found on the flower girl page). Thanks to everyone who contributed to this site.
Now for the off-topic part. I just want to say that Clay Aiken is the best, even if he didn't win American Idol. Both Ruben & Clay are winners. Love ya Clay!! And love ya too Ruben! =)

.may 13, 2003.
Added more doujinshi. Go to the fanworks section to find it. Updated my Aeris x Cloud tribute. Updated the contacts and the links page. Changed my pic on my bio into the most recent photo. Thanks to everyone who signed my guestbook so far. You guys are really sweet!

.may 6, 2003.
another small update. opened up my aeris x cloud tribute. it is still not finished. it's only 75% done now. thanks a bunch! also, updated the links page.

.may 2, 2003.
Just a small update. I've added more doujinshi. More to come! Thanks for being patient. I just want to finish up the fanworks section ASAP.

.april 17, 2003.
Today's my last day in school! Yay! Site is officially opened, but it's only half-finished. My Aeris shrine will be open soon. I just have to find all my files and upload them up as soon as possible. For now, please check out my editorials on 'the flower girl' section. I'll have more stuff up soon! Thanks for being patient with me! I apologize for some broken links on some areas... It meant that I forgot to upload them. I will do on the next update! ~ Kristine