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.some notes.

I know that I have said a year ago that I'm no longer updating my Aeris shrine. It was really a hard decision for me to make, because I really enjoyed managing this site. But then because my interests wandered elsewhere, I stopped updating this page for a while... and I was also behind in putting up fanfics and fanarts and thoughts. I thought I could no longer handle it.

I also had other 2 other sites: Unceasing Love and Tears of Sincerity and Friendship. I recently closed them down because I didn't have the time anymore. Then I realized that I should keep at least one of my sites open... and if I had to choose one to keep open, it would have to be The Flower Girl in the Slums.

Why? Because this site is my first ever successful site. I've had too many memories here. And it was my first life on the Internet. This is the place where I met most of my online friends.

I just couldn't close this page down. I'm too much of an Aeris fan anyway!

Kristine (Aeris_15)

I know I'm not much of a computer expert. I've been making sites since 1998 and just look at this layout huh... It's still not as good. Obviously, I'm not that great with computers. But at least I'm trying right?